Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pursuit to happiness...(not a movie but a story...)

Let say there's a guy named John studies in a secondary school. One day John says 'I think I'll be happy when I ended my SPM'

On the last day of SPM he had himself free from piles of books and notes; and unsurprisingly he burnt most of the books... Still, he's unhappy and said gloomyly 'This is rubbish, I think I'll be more happier if continue my study in a universtiy'

After 3 years, he had his certificate of degree framed and hung in his bedroom. While he stared at the frame he laid himself on his bed and says 'If get a job, I'll get money and I'll be happy!!!'

Later, he get an employment from a company as a technician. At the end of the month he gets his salary. He buy himself a couple of gadgets and iPhone. Then he says 'Money wont bring me happy. I think marriage would solve the problem'

Then, he get married with a beautiful and charming woman. No doubt, he really enjoyed his first night. After a year, his wife delivered a baby, a son, to be exact.

After decades of living with his family and work as a technician he get bored and bored from day to day....Then he said to himself 'I'll be happy when i get my pension at the end of my employment'

He get his pension and after a couple of years, he died. There goes his life; wasted for chasing a happiness that never came.

In a nutshell, happiness NEVER came to you. You DECIDE what you want to be.


Zinnera Zahra said...

entri yang bagus ! :)

patutlah beri nama John. Bukan cara hidup muslim kalau begini. Hehe.

ps; cerita pursuit to happiness merupakan movie yang bermanfaat. pasti sudah tonton, bukan ?

Ashraf Suhaimi said...

nme john tu sje je ltak...mlas nk pike lme2...huhu
tp idop ni pown kte kne blaja dr org asing btol x??
org yg blaja dr ksilapan dri sndri adalah org yg berjaya...
mnakala org yg blaja dr ksilapan org len adalah org yg cemerlang...hehe..

naimah27 said...